Virtual Sound Stage by Parallax Audio

Virtual Sound Stage is one of the most useful production tools I’ve acquired since the Quantum Leap “Spaces” reverb VST I purchased a couple of years ago. I mention “Spaces,” because coupled with V.S.S., some stunning results can be achieved. However, V.S.S. works beautifully with most any impulse response “sampled space” reverbs, and sampled acoustic virtual instruments in the orchestral sphere, and otherwise.

Imagine never again having to pan your orchestral V.I.s, or add stereo delays to achieve a sense of space in your mixes. That’s what V.S.S. can do for it’s users.

Virtual Sound Stage features an on-screen image of a scoring stage, with graphical representations of common instrument positions. Users may simply place a speaker icon anywhere within that virtual space to achieve highly realistic early reflections from any unique position within the “virtual room,” and add air-absorption, which works to tame the direct sound, and the reflections. It takes a bit of the edge off. Air-absorption can also be used to simulate the acoustic treatment level of real film scoring stages, if one chooses to mix-reference their material.

V.S.S. also allows for combining instruments from numerous different makers, and position them within the same room, which can be a problematic, and time-consuming process, especially when on a deadline.

Virtual Sound Stage is produced by Parallax Audio, and is available for a mere $99. The demo is fully functional, with one exception: It doesn’t save your settings. If you want that feature to create presets, you’ll have to fork over the cash, but I’m sure that upon trying the demo, most will agree it’s worth every penny.

Check out the user interface image I’ve included to get an idea what you’ll be working with, then go try the demo! You won’t regret it!

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