Healing Vibes for Disquieted Times

Healing Vibes for Disquieted Times is the first sound meditation album release by Embassy of Sound, composed of four movements featuring Daman Hoffman performing Himalayan bowls, crystal singing bowls, and a variety of gongs.

For this project, I was asked to record, mix, and master the album. While I had no previous experience recording bowls and gongs, I accepted the challenge, and Daman and I began making plans for the recording session, with the agreement that it would be entirely experimental.

Each movement features layered multi-mic recordings. When enjoyed with headphones or earbuds, the three-dimensionality will envelop the listener. Most of the original dynamic ranges of the instruments have been preserved, so while you may feel the desire to turn the volume up at times, keep in mind that at their peak loudness, gongs and bowls produce very intense, sustained tones.

Having tested the album on a range of streaming platforms and listening devices, I recommend starting with your volume set around 50%. Daman has provided three tones as the introduction to the first movement. Use these tones to set your volume. None of them should be loud or piercing. If they are, please reduce the volume, listen in a quiet environment, and keep in mind that there are brief moments of complete silence in these recordings.

The album is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp, where you can also listen to a unique continuous play version.